15 Minute At Home Work Out

Motivating to do a workout without access to a gym can be a struggle. Further, even if your gym is open don't sleep on at home workouts. I got into the habit of doing a full intense home workout and it's great, especially for days I want to do a workout but don't wanna trek all the way to the gym. Let’s start with a simple 15 minute workout that’ll make you feel accomplished at the end of it.


We are gonna start by picking out 15 workouts that we like (depending on what areas you wanna work on you can customize this list).

Have the list either written out, or on your computer where you can reference back to it easily during the workout. Now that we have that figured out, the fun can begin. We are gonna run through this by doing 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off per exercise, follow that pattern all the way through till the final workout.

My 15 Of Choice

1. Squats

2. Burpees

3. High knees

4. Dead bugs

5. Right leg lunges

6. Left leg lunges

7. Sit ups

8. Plank

9. Jumping jacks

10. Mountain climbers

11. Russian twists

12. Push ups

13. Wall sit

14. Crunches

15. Toe touch jumps

Side Note

A helpful tip to time this out is to create a 1 minute timer on your phone that you can watch and once it goes off just keep clicking repeat (put an alarm sound that won’t drive you crazy). Have fun trying this out, I hope you enjoy it!


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