3 Exercises To Tone Those Arms

If you ask me, toning your under arms is one of the hardest things to accomplish (when it comes to working out that is). So, here are 3 super simple, no weights needed, do while you binge watch Queens Gambit, arm exercises.

I'm someone who has been relatively active my entire life. Granted I had those hard core party years where the gym was not anywhere near my list of priorities, but still I have always loved fitness. For some reason though I have always had difficulty obtaining my version of "dream arms" (remember everyone has different ideals on what they want to look like and that is totally okay and awesome!) I wanted the skin on the backs of my arms to be firm but as someone who still struggles to pull myself up on the side of the swimming pool when I wanna get out... arm day is hard for me haha. What I noticed is that doing simple and easy arm workouts, works over time. Did I instantly see results from doing arm circles while I sat and watched tv? No. Am I starting to see them 2 months later? Absolutely.


Exercise One

The upside-down "namaste" exercise. For this you are going to want to put your hands together and proceed to bring them over your head. Try and push them as far as they can go, almost bouncing them up and down but not completely bring them back from over your head.

Exercise Two

Arm circles. You wanna stretch your arms out horizontally and begin circular motions. You can do these motions forward or backward, I like to keep switching it up.

Exercise Three

Full arm side planks. Lay down on you said and prop yourself up on one arm, making sure your arm is fully extended. Switch sides and repeat with other arm.


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