Are You Showering Wrong?

Showers are pretty self explanatory, you turn the water on and get in. That being said though... when it comes to skin and hair health, there is more things to consider in this process. Let's jump right into my shower routine and I can tell ya why I do, what I do.

How Often Should You Be Showering?

At the end of the day this is really up to you and if you don't wanna shower everyday that is totally okay (my suggestion would be at least 3 or 4 times a week though). I'm an active person so I shower everyday however, when it comes to washing my hair I only do that twice a week.

Shampooing And Conditioning

I choose not to wash my hair every time I shower because the oils your hair produces are actually helpful for growth and hair health. If you're washing your hair everyday, you're not giving those oils a chance to help your scalp. I also like to swap out my conditioner once in awhile for a hair mask (I always leave the mask in for 5-10 minutes).

Cold Or Hot Water

This answer might not make you all that happy. If you're like me then you enjoy your shower temp at a boiling level, however I've since learned to turn the heat down. Your hair and skin will thank you if you switch from hot to even a lukewarm temperature, but incase you hate the idea of giving up your hot showers, let me give you a tip. Next time you're in the shower turn the temp down just slightly, continue to do this every time you shower until the colder temp becomes the norm!

My Routine

After turning the water to a cool but still enjoyable temperature, I shampoo then apply either conditioner or a hair mask. Leaving in the conditioner, I start shaving from the legs up (I like to use a venus razor or honestly men's razors work as well). Then I use my body wash and rinse out my hair. Lastly, I dry off and moisturize. Send me a DM on instagram or leave a comment on one of my post if you'd like me to make a post on what products I like to use!


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