Cheap Vacation Ideas

We all need a getaway here and there but our budgets don't always allow it. Here is a great, low cost, getaway idea that you will love! (Yes, that is a tiny home.)


There is probably a very slime chance that you have not heard of Air Bnb yet, but if you haven't stop what you are doing and google it right now. Air Bnb is a great way to take a vacation or maybe we should call it a staycation (not leaving the country but leaving home). I know when we think of vacation we think islands and Europe but those vacations are expensive and with covid-19 still happening they just are not easy to plan. So... why not get out of the house and get into someone else's. It's usually super cheap and just gives you a fresh, new, relaxing place to call home for a weekend.


(A few ideas to get your brain thinking)

- Cottage on the lake

- Cabin in the woods (I know that sounds like a horror movie but it's actually very peaceful haha)

- Mountains

- TeePee (yes, look them up because they are beyond cool)

- Luxury Apartment

- Tiny home

- Van home

- An apartment surrounded with cool excursions that are walking distance


The most recent place we went was a tiny home on the lake and it was absolutely everything I needed. I personally have always loved tiny homes and if you don't know what I mean when I say tiny homes, i'm talking a house only shrunk down 2 or 3 sizes but still has everything you need. We spent almost the whole weekend sitting out by the lake with our phones off. We ventured into town to try out some BBQ, went for a walk and encountered deer, puppies, horses, and cows! I was truly sad to leave. It was only a 2 hour drive out from where we were (we are in a more city type area so the idea of nature was very appealing). Overall the whole trip only costed around $400. We will be going back for sure.


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