Don't Get Confused~ CBD IS NOT THC

I know I cannot be the only one that was confused on what the difference between CBD and THC is! I mean they both come from a cannabis plant, how can they be different? Well, luckily I have done the research for us and I am pretty blown away with what I've found. Maybe you're a weed smoker and maybe you're not (maybe you are, but it depends who is asking), either way here is the low down. Those who enjoy the "high" feeling would be reaching for substances that contain THC, however CBD does not have that effect and in fact is used more for health. (This post contains affiliate links)

What Can CBD Help With?

As always you should talk to your doctor first, especially if you are on other medications (to be sure they won't react to it)

- Anxiety

- Acne

- Depression

- Sleep

- Relaxation

- Joint pain


You can get CBD in all types of forms. Lotions, creams, epson salts, oils, vaporizers, smoke, even edibles (yes they come in gummy form... my personal favourite- Click here to check them out). The type you should use kind of depends on what you are looking to use it for. For something like joint pain, you should try a lotion or cream that can easily be applied right to the sore area. I'd say the oil and edible form have close to the same effect and are great for anxiety, relaxation, and sleep. Coming from a friend of mine who has tried both, they prefer gummy's because they felt the effects last longer. At the end of the day, this can all come down to personal preference. Trial and error may be your best bet, try out a few different forms and see what works best for you.

My Personal Experience

Where I live marijuana is legal and has been for quite sometime however, I never used it for aid in my sleep because sometimes the "high" feeling would actually make me anxious instead of calm (and not to mention, i'd have the urge to eat my entire fridge). So when I heard about CBD gummy's that could give me the benefits without that feeling I was pumped. I would take a gummy an hour before going to bed and within a week I started to notice it becoming a bit easier to fall asleep. I'm not normally the worst sleeper because my boyfriend has a very strict sleep schedule and going to bed at the same time as him actually helps me fall asleep, however he travels a lot for work and on the nights he is away it takes me forever to fall asleep and that is where the gummy's come into play!

Relive Everyday

The first gummy I tried was from Relive Everyday <-(link right there if you guys wanna check out there website). Loved them, they worked great for me. This company has a full range of options for whatever you are looking for. Oils and gummy's with all sorts of MG options. These particular gummy's (pictured on the left) are for aiding in sleep. They do have a bit of a Cannabis taste to them but that is masked by a more fruitier taste. They aren't the same texture as a gummy bear per-say however, they do still have a squish like texture to them. I would recommend giving them a try!


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