Fall Decor Must Haves

I won't lie, I started putting up my fall decorations on September 1st (I may or may not have been counting down the days). We all know the easy essentials like orange throw blankets and real pumpkins on the door step, but what about the unique decor to give the room a little more character and originality! Here are some picks to help you get started (This post contains affiliate links)


This item right here might be my one of my new favourite things ( yes, that was slightly dramatic but come on! Its a really cute mug). The hat is detachable for when you're ready to take a sip and then if you want it to stay warm longer you can put the hat back on. Nothing screams halloween more than a black cat with an orange witch hat and halloween means fall. I can just imagine myself curled up in cozy blankets, watching Halloween Town, drinking chai tea in my new mug. Not to mention a great gift for any of you fall birthday friends! Click here to check it out.


Our second pick is this adorable toy truck, carrying little pumpkins in its back. An easy, place anywhere kind of decoration. This particular decoration gives my farmhouse vibes ( just another reason why I like it so much). I feel this is a more subtle fall decoration, in the sense that it doesn't scream fall which can be nice.


I know that real pumpkins are great but... the more you have the more you need to throw away once they start to rot (especially if you carve yours). So easy solution! Get one or two real pumpkins and then decorate the rest of the apartment with crotchet pumpkins. The nice thing is you can throw them in storage and use them every year. They have all different shapes/sizes and colours.


This candle makes me hungry for pumpkin pie and I don't even know if I like pumpkin pie haha. Candles are great because there is not a lot better than your whole apartment smelling like crisp, pumpkin spice. So when I saw a candle that looks like it has whip cream on tip I just thought it would be cruel not to share.


Wooden pumpkins, another great way to decorate with pumpkins and not have to worry about them going bad. These also come in different sizes and colours to fit where ever you wanna put them.

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