Let's Talk Skin Care

Clear skin is not just genetics, there are many factors that play into your skin health.

Your Diet

What we eat plays a major role in the health of our skin. Your skin reacts to certain foods and can cause breakouts, on the other hand certain foods can help heal our skin. The main things causing your breakouts is most likely, sugar and fast food. Sugar can cause a rise in insulin, which causes your skin to become more oily... oil leads to acne. I believe fast food is self explanatory (it is hard to find fast food that is not full of oil and other things that are overall not great for you). Now let's talk about foods that help your skin like, sweet potato and spinach. Both these foods are high in vitamin A, something your body can use to help clear out those clogged pores! Lastly, water. Your skin needs to stay hydrated, and drinking lots of water is just all around good for you.

Common Mistakes

I'm gonna start by saying, stop popping those pimples! Even if they're "ready to be popped". When you pop a pimple you are actually doing more harm than good, the action of popping the pimple can push bacteria deeper into the skin. It is better to wait it out... the pimple will eventually go away. The next thing I will say is, touch your face less. I know that i'm guilty of also touching my face, sometimes I don't even notice that i'm doing it but the fact of the matter is that our hands are oily and touching our face only spreads that oil. Lastly, use make-up remover! If you just wash your makeup off with water, there is a good chance you aren't getting all that make-up off and it can clog up those pores, better to be safe than sorry.


I know when your face already feels oily, it can be hard to think putting more moisture on it can help but it does. Personally I often use sunscreen as a face moisturizer, even in the winter (I feel it just preps my skin to be better protected from the sun).


There are a million and one products out there and I'm sure they all have pros and cons but I will share with you what I personally use. For starters, I have very sensitive skin and in the winter months it is painfully dry. I LOVE everything Burt's Bees, I have yet to try a product I don't like. My favourite is there night time face wash and their cucumber face wipes (for when I am travelling).

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