I know there are morning people out there who love getting out of bed, however I am not exactly one of those people. If you're like me and rolling out of bed at 7:30am sounds like torture, then you came to the right place.

So What Can You Do?

I'm gonna share with you what I do to help get me up in the mornings! There are about 3 main things I do specifically to help motivate me, so let's go over those.

Plan Ahead

First I recommend planning out your next day and going over those things right before bed. Now I know not everyone has plans everyday, especially during right now. I know I don't even have plans for my whole week however, these plans don't have to be huge. Maybe your day entails making Tik-Toks or binge watching a new show but whatever it is make it something you will be excited to wake up and do. If you know you have nothing going on, it makes it hard to motivate.

Get Serious About Breakfast

Find a go to breakfast that you love. I personally am a huge "foody" and when I know i'm gonna be having bacon and crepes or yummy avocado toast, I actually get excited to get up and start breakfast. It sounds silly but give it a try because it is actually a great motivator.

Say Goodbye To Your Snooze Button

I for one am big time guilty of clicking snooze, it's easy and honestly hard not to. The reason I am saying get rid of clicking snooze is because you are simply trying to delay the inevitable, if anything that extra 10 minutes you fall back asleep is making you more tired.


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