Pool Day Essentials

Chilling out and tanning pool side, maybe a couple drinks by your side. We all love a good pool day right? #bikiniseason However, nothings worse than getting to the pool and realizing you forgot something, so here's a checklist to quickly skim over before leaving the house.


- Sunscreen

- Speaker

- Charger

- Hair clips/Elastics

- Sunglasses

- Chapstick

- Snacks (of course)

- Towels

- Headphones

- Magazines (or a good book)

- Water


In my opinion this is the most important thing you need to remember, I don't know about you but I burn easy and getting a bad burn is never fun. If your plan is to go swimming and not just tan, make sure you are re applying when getting out of the pool and consider looking for a water proof sunscreen. Also remember to re apply occasionally anyways because if it's a hot day and your are sweating you could be sweating off you sunscreen!


So many choices of snacks out there but what ones are the best for a pool day? You want something easy and I personally like lighter snacks that aren't too heavy. I opt for things like popcorn and pre made turkey sandwiches! Another great idea is cut up veggies like cucumber and celery, or for something sweeter cut up apples and peanut butter.


I would recommend getting a beach, they are huge so they carry everything and they are usually pretty fashionable. Remember to check out my instagram if you liked this post!


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