Relieve Stress With Epsom Salts

Pain relief, destress, muscle aches, detoxing, migraine, relaxing... THERE IS SO MANY REASONS TO PUT EPSOM SALTS IN YOUR BATH. Sorry for yelling, I just really wish more people used epsom salts! They have great benefits and honestly they just smell good. So let's get into why you should add epsom salts to your grocery list (yes, you can buy them at a grocery store).

How To Use

Easy. Simple. Affective. Draw a warm/hot bath (bubbles optional, but recommended), proceed to add desired amount of epsom salts and soak in the tub for at least 15 minutes.

Body Benefits

Epsom salts work by dissolving into your bath and allowing your skin to soak up the minerals (mainly magnesium). These minerals that you are soaking in help relax and soothe your sore muscles, so if you have an intense workout... get in that epsom bath and let your muscles thank you later. It is also believed that epsom salts can help relieve headaches or nasty migraines. The salts relax the neck tension and that can actually help relieve the pain causing your headache.


You may have heard of "salt detox baths" and you guessed it, they use epsom salts. The minerals that the salts release can actually draw out the toxins in your body. Getting rid of these toxins can help reduce swelling and inflammation (yet another reason why they're so great).

How Often Should I Be Using Them?

I would say whenever you feel your body needs it or when you have an intense workout and don't wanna wake up feeling to sore!

Overall, epsom salts smell great and have way too many benefits to not use.


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