Shows Worth Binge Watching

Get some snacks and get comfy, these are shows you won't wanna stop once you start.

The OA

I had no choice but to start off with this gem of a show. A blind girl goes missing and years later when she is finally found... she has her full vision. If you are looking for a "what the heck" or a "my mind is blown" show, this is it. The only negative thing I will say about this phenomenal show is that the first 2 or 3 episodes are slow and it can take a second to get into, but patience is a virtue my friends. Overall, The OA is a well crafted, keeps you guessing kind of show.

Behind Her Eyes

I'm not lying when I tell you the end of this show had me jumping up and down, screaming at the television. The entire time I was watching I kept guessing who the "villain" of the show was and let me tell you, even I was left speechless. A woman shares an innocent connection with a man at a bar, only to find the next day that he is not only married but also her new boss. Unfortunately the wife appears to be dangerously unstable and jealous.

Queens Gambit

I don't even need to say anything. Go watch this show and thank me later.


Love. Love. Love this show. A group of older kids gets trapped in a town all alone, some try and save everyone and some just want to cause problems. Done to perfection, the characters in this show react exactly how I would think actually people would.

Sweet Tooth

I am going to be honest, after the first episode I almost didn't continue watching but I am very happy I did. As a virus hits the earth, so does a miracle... half human, half animal, hybrid babies are born. Cruel humans blame the babies for the virus and the world is divided by those who want to kill them and those who want to protect them.

V Wars

Alright where are my TVD fans at? This is your chance to see Ian Somerhalder (aka Damon Salvator) play the good guy from the start. Now if you are not a Vampire Diaries fan that's okay, you will still love this show. A virus breaks out that causes people to feed on human blood, a doctor is forced to sacrifice everything in order to help find a cure. This is a suspense driven, anxiety giving, nail biting show.


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