Sugar is addictive. I can make that remark in confidence because I love sugar so much so I have taken breaks from it every so often just to keep myself in check. So let me tell ya what it feels like going 2 weeks without sugar. (An important side note I might add is that when I say sugar I am referring only to artificial sugars).

Energy Levels

It's a well known fact that sugar gives you a burst of energy but after that energy comes the crash. The first few days are easy and there really isn't much difference, it's right around the one week mark that you can really notice it. I feel a lot more drained and tired for a couple days (I can only assume it's my body wondering where all of its sugar has gone). After I get over that hurdle though It really starts to feel great.


Now this is the hardest part to face, the cravings. The reason I use the word "addictive" is because the intense cravings I feel after 5 days can only be a result of an addiction. I mean why do pastries have to look so good? A question I will always wonder. Here is what I do to fight those cravings. Fruit, coffee, 100% dark chocolate, and honey. The next time you are trying a sugar cleanse and start to feel those cravings try reaching for some berries, oftentimes they will do the trick. If the fruit doesn't work I reach for something stronger such as coffee with unsweetened almond milk or dark chocolate. Lastly, I turn to honey. Which I know technically could be seen as a cheat however I love to bake and honey is a great alternative to sugar, you use way less and honey is better for your body than refined sugar.

Your Skin

A huge up side of cutting out refined sugar is that your skin will thank you. A big culprit behind your acne breakouts is in fact sugar, so by getting rid of it you're giving your skin a chance to flourish. Not only is sugar bad for acne but it also reacts with the proteins in your body in a way that can cause wrinkles and age you faster than you'd like.

Overall a sugar cleanse can never hurt and by the time the two weeks is over you will find that you don't crave sugar that much, you might even opt to stick to a low sugar lifestyle. Most of the recipes I post will be honey based, if that interests you make sure to check out my instagram for updates.


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