You Need To Start Drinking This

I need you to hear me out on this one because I personally HATE coconut water, I think it tastes absolutely disgusting and you will never see me drinking plane coconut water (if you are someone who does just like coconut water then cool, you will double love this post). Sooooo, what is this drink I am claiming you need to be drinking? Well funny enough it's coconut water! However, mango or pineapple infused coconut water.

This is my new favourite thing to drink. When I say yum... I mean YUM. To put it simply, it basically tastes like you are drinking juice except it has all the benefits of coconut water. Now, let's talk about what those benefits are.


You need a good hangover cure? COCONUT WATER. One of the best ways to get you dehydrated, hungover self back to feeling like you are alive again is replenishing your electrolytes. They help balance your fluids and coconut water is FULL of them.


Here is another thing that coconut water is incredibly high in. Potassium is great for preventing muscle pains so guess what you have a new gym parter, your coconut water! It's also great for water retention, preventing you from dehydration so drink up.


Yet another thing you muscles are gonna thank you for. Magnesium is great for restoring muscles, as well as creating protein in the body, helping you grow stronger.


This one is important. Calcium is great for bone health and we all need strong bones to carry us through our everyday. Calcium is also great for your heart, in fact your heart needs calcium to properly function so might as well load up on it.

Hope this blog post inspired you to try out some fruit infused coconut water because it's super cheap and really good for you, plus it just tastes amazing... seriously I have to stop myself from drinking too much everyday! As always if you liked this post, check out my instagram @lifewith.adi


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